The 48 Laws of Power
Productivity , Self improvement / November 29, 2016

Title: The 48 Laws of Power Author: Robert Greene Book Review of ‘ The 48 Laws of Power ’ by Robert Greene’. In modern society, the word power tends to have a stigma attached to it. Like one should not try to attain power, as it would corrupt them or make them cunning towards other human beings. And yet we need power not only to get things done, we need power to save ourselves from bad things. The feeling of having no control over people and events makes us miserable. So, how does one attain it or become powerful to achieve their Goals and lead a life more fulfilling and happy life. ‘ The 48 Laws of Power ’ gives an insight into how one should use power to increase their Influence and Worth. Law no. 9: Win through your Actions, never through Arguments Instead of trying to convince people by arguing, its much better to demonstrate by taking up Actions. Eg. Instead of arguing with your Boss to let you work from home, call a sick day once and show higher output & productivity by working from home. After that, clearly depict results, citing less commute time or more focus as reasons…

The 4 Hour Work Week

Title: The 4 Hour Work Week Author: Tim Ferris The 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris Book Review The title says enough what the book is going to be about! But before you let your gut scream Scam, misleading and distracting people on wrong lines, try to understand what it conveys. The 4 Hour Work Week is beyond a book or a show, it’s a lifestyle shift. And now, more than ever, with ever connected and digitalised world, it’s easier than ever to live your Dream life – travel around the world and live like millionaire without having millions. This book is about “How”. People generally want the experience they think only millions can buy, rather than actual millions. The goal is not to free time and watch Television all day, but to travel around the world, learn about cultures – regional language, eat local food and experience rich and diverse life. Or so it is, for vast majority of people. It can be living peacefully in a village, or lavishly in mansions for you. The best part is – you can still adapt the principles of The 4 Hour Work Week independent of your Goals, and live more…

Productivity , Self improvement / November 11, 2016

Title: Mastery Author: Robert Greene Mastery by Robert Greene Book Review What is it that separates Legendary people like Mozart, Leonardo Da Vinci, Einstein from ordinary human beings? How are some Artists, Trainers, Professionals so good their work is recognised throughout Industry, long after they are gone! Have these extra ordinary individuals reached the highest level in their chosen fields just because they were born with Talents? Or are these skills acquired by practice in their quest to achieve Mastery? Robert Greene lists out 6 definite steps that are followed in every individual’s transformation to achieve Mastery in their chosen fields. It’s by rigorous practice and hard work more so, than any Luck or Inborn Talents. Discover your Calling: Everyone possess an Inner force that seeks to accomplish their Life’s task. The 1st step towards Mastery is knowing that with clarity & choosing your Vocation i.e. your inner voice that calls to your authentic self. Apprenticeship: This is the time to Learn the necessary Skills, Discipline the mind & transform into an Independent thinker. While beginning the process of acquiring a skill, we have an outside view and unclear picture. This is the time to learn basics and expand knowledge through…

How to Win Friends and Influence People
Business , Productivity , Self improvement / November 11, 2016

Title: How to Win Friends and Influence People Author: Dale Carnegie How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie Book Review Do you face difficulties in managing Relationship – Professional as well as personal? Lack or are unable to influence people? Or even simply wish to be a better conversationalist & Speaker? Dale Carnegie has listed out simple principles that can be immediately practiced by anyone wanting to improve their abilities to Influence people in his book ‘ How to Win Friends and Influence People ’ Some Fundamental techniques in handling people: Don’t criticise, condemn or complaint. Criticism is futile, because it puts a person on defensive & makes him strive to justify. Instead of criticism, one should try to understand why people do what they do and handle in more tactful and sympathetic way, as people are much more receptive in that manner. Give Honest & Sincere Appreciation. The desire to feel important is amongst the deepest human urges. Honest appreciation gets results where criticism & ridicule fails. Arouse in other person an eager want. The only way to influence other people is to talk about what they want & show them how to get it. Eg….

Rich Dad Poor Dad
Business , Entrepreneur , Finance / November 7, 2016

Title: Rich Dad Poor Dad Author: Robert Kiyosaki Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki Book Review Robert has 2 Dads – 1 his Real dad who is highly educated & he would tell Robert to study hard and get a good job. His other dad – his best friend’s father would encourage him to focus on Businesses & Finances. His poor dad would often say ‘I can’t afford it’ while his rich dad made him ask ‘How can I afford it?’. The 1st was a statement and allowed to leave him off the hook, while the 2nd was a question that forced to think! Robert listened to both for a while & decided he wanted to follow his Rich dad’s teachings. He shares few powerful lessons learnt from both his Rich Dad Poor Dad. Rich don’t work for Money: Poor and Middle class work for Money. This creates Earned income in the form of Salary. Rich build their business & Investments to earn money in the form of Profits, Passive Income from Rent & Interests and accumulate Wealth in form of Portfolio – Shares & Property. Why Financial Literacy? Wealth is not just made by ‘How much money you…