The hard thing about hard things
Business , Entrepreneur , Inspiration , Startups / December 29, 2016

Title: The hard thing about hard things Author: Ben Horowitz The Hard thing about Hard Things by Ben Horowitz Ben Horowitz tells us about his experiences as a CEO during running Opsware (previously known as Loudcloud) , which was later acquired by HP for $1.6B in 2007. He talks straight about the difficulties/ challenges a CEO has to face while running a company. Majority of the management books talk about setting up of great business practices, culture and good things, however very few talk about what to do when that doesn’t happen. So Ben decided to share about various tough decisions that he had to make as a CEO to show the brutal side of businesses in his book ‘ The Hard thing about Hard Things ’. Firstly, he clearly states that there aren’t any recipes for succeeding in business and doesn’t try to hand over 5-10 practices or things to do. Instead, he talks about his experiences at being an Entrepreneur, a CEO & finds those learnings still very applicable while working as a VC. Some of the lessons he shares in the book are: As a college student, he played Football & was part of higher academic groups….

Start with Why
Business , Entrepreneur , Inspiration / December 21, 2016

Title: Start with Why Author: Simon Sinek Book Review of ‘ Start with Why ’ by Simon Sinek. New York 1900’s. Samuel Langley started with an ambitious mission to be the 1st person to fly an airplane. He had all the right ingredients – prestigious qualifications & work experience, great market conditions – well funded, best talent available, powerful contacts, media following his every move. Nearby in Ohio, Wilbur & Orville Wright were attempting something similar with money earned from bicycle shop proceeds. They did not have great formal education, no Funding or well known persons working for them. Both Langley & Wright Brothers were pursuing the same goals and had strong work ethic. Obviously Wright brothers were the one to succeed in flying the 1st airplane, despite Langley being the one with all the resources. The difference in them was Wright brothers had a dream & believed they could change the world with their flying machine. Langley was only motivated by the fame to be the inventor, so he couldn’t inspire the people around him and also quit once Wright brothers succeeded rather than try and improve it further. Washington, August 28th 1963. Martin Luther king Jr. gave the…

Contagious- Why things catch on
Business , Entrepreneur , Social Media Marketing / December 14, 2016

Title: Contagious- Why things catch on Author: Jonah Berger Book Review and Recommendation of Contagious- Why things catch on by Jonah Berger. How do some Products, Ideas & Activities become popular in no time? What factors contribute to exponential or viral growth of an product sometimes even in seemingly dull market! There are various factors that lead to this kind of abnormal growth, beyond Quality and Price of a product. 1. Social Currency: People like to talk about things that make them look cooler. So talking about a popular restaurant that sells the best sandwiches around would make them look cooler. Whereas they might not bother telling about their regular dining place. 2. Triggers: Whatever you associate your product with, becomes a trigger for you. That’s why brands pay Celebrities or Sportsperson huge sum of money as they would like to be associated with that celebrity. Another example is where KitKat associated itself with Coffee in all its advertisements by simply showing coffee and Kitkat together. This acted as a form of Trigger that whenever people drank coffee, they were reminded of Kitkat. It could easily have been some Wafers or Hot Chocolate, but people consume Coffee all the time whereas…

Blue Ocean Strategy
Business , Entrepreneur , Startups / December 5, 2016

Title: Blue Ocean Strategy Author: W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne Book Review of Blue Ocean Strategy by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne How does one create a Profitable company? In the recent times, everyone is starting new businesses & companies. Also, the traditionally most crucial factor of Profitability seems to have lost its weightage. More and more technology startups are being funded and create a hype without proper fundamentals & this is eventually leading to bubble burst. They casually burn money in the name of Customer acquisition, proprietary technology and so on. This lack of profit doesn’t allow long term sustainability and also stops them from incurring expenditure on research, eventually fading out and turning obsolete. So how do companies and even non-commercial organizations keep themselves relevant & create long term impact??? Blue Ocean Strategy tackles this by decoding reasons of successful & proven companies that lasted over decades & revolutionized their industries forever. What is the Blue Ocean Strategy? The authors refer Blue Oceans as companies creating new market opportunities with profit potential. Whereas the ones that are constantly fighting competition, having little to no margin and running “me too” businesses are called as Red Oceans. So…