Jeff Bezos and the age of Amazon
Business , Entrepreneur , Inspiration , Startups / January 31, 2017

Title: the everything store : jeff bezos and the age of amazon Author: Brad Stone What went behind the making of Amazon? How did a Startup selling Books become a $100Billion giant? Jeff Bezos was working in Wall street at a hedge fund co. called D.E.Shaw in the early 1990s. He was working on building a network international trade and started looking at internet enabled business opportunities. During the early 1990s Internet usage grew multifold very quickly and that’s when Jeff envisioned a store to conduct commerce using the Internet. Jeff selected Books category as there are millions of Books giving a large no of Products to start with. Jeff also has an individual liking towards Books, in a way Steve Job’s loved music and led to the creation of iPods. Amazon was soon shipping hundreds to thousands of books every day and conducting commerce through the Internet. After a successful stint with Books, Amazon launched categories of Music & DVDs. Around that time, a new company was gaining a reputation as search engines and Jeff personally invested $250,000 after meeting its founders. The company, of course, is Google co-incidentally an Amazon rival decades later.   Amazon has been largely…

Why Emotional Intelligence can matter more than I.Q.
Business , Productivity , Self improvement / January 23, 2017

Title: Emotional Intelligence Author: Daniel Goleman What exactly is Emotional Intelligence? What are the things that compose of Emotional Intelligence? Emotional Intelligence is all about how we manage ourselves and relationships with others. 5 primary components of Emotional Intelligence are: Self-awareness: how clearly do you know yourself. Managing Emotions: Do you control your Emotions? Or your Emotions control you? Motivation: keep on going, in spite of challenges. Empathy: understand how others feel without being told. Social Skills: how to deal with others. Does Emotional Intelligence matter? If yes, how much? Everyone understands firing an Employee is a sensitive thing and it affects the morale of existing Employees. However, very few companies deal smartly with it. When a company clearly communicated about the reasons for letting employees go, helped them in finding other job and dealt with Empathy in the process, it showed up to 90% positive ratings against the standard 5-10% from leaving employees. In a restaurant, one of the crucial factors for customers in deciding whether they would return or not is the treatment of waiters. When the waiters were friendly, the customers not only tipped more but were also 75% more likely to return again. Children having fewer…

Failing towards Success
Business , Inspiration , Self improvement / January 21, 2017

Title: How to fail at almost everything and still win big Author: Scott Adams Scott Adams, the founder of Dilbert & author of “ How to fail at almost everything and still win big ” shares his life’s story. All along, he strongly advises not to take advice from cartoonists. A few points he puts forward are: Learning from failures Scott failed on various occasions in his businesses as well as personal life. However, he kept on failing smart i.e. learning from failures and trying better next time. Also, improve the odds and become more valuable with every attempt. Say Raj and Prem are 2 guys in college, trying to get a girlfriend. Raj starts liking 1 girl, researches all about her and after months tries to go after her, only to discover she has a boyfriend or isn’t interested in him. Prem, however, flirts and approaches as many girls as possible. This, in turn, allows him to know what girls like, how to talk to girls and basically, improve his chance of making a girlfriend. Goals v/s Systems The same example also makes for his 2nd That is, to have systems instead of Goals. In today’s world, things are…

The monk who sold his Ferrari
Inspiration , Productivity , Self improvement / January 13, 2017

Title: The Monk who sold his Ferrari Author: Robin Sharma The Monk who sold his Ferrari Book Review Robin Sharma writes a beautiful book that truly appeals to the soul. It says about living Life to the fullest. As we grow up, we tend to get busy in our work & daily chores. Today’s fast paced world has led us to forget some of the most important things in our lives, such as being grateful for this wonderful life or spending some quality moments with our parents or kids. The Monk who sold his Ferrari reminds us to live a life rich in health, wealth & spiritual being. It speaks in an effective yet non-preachy manner to lift us from mediocrity and show us a path towards living a fulfilling life. The writing is really Inspiring and its a book for everyone who would like to live a simple, Happy and purposeful life. Click on the link if you would like to check out The monk who sold his Ferrari

‘Influence – the psychology of Persuasion’

Title: ‘Influence – the psychology of Persuasion' Author: Robert Cialdini Book Review of ‘Influence – the psychology of Persuasion’ by Robert Cialdini Author Robert Ciadini talks about some factors that affect people in their decision making in the book Influence: the psychology of Persuasion. Some things lead to automatic mindless compliance or saying yes from people. These factors Influence people to do things without even realising it. They are small triggers that affect people in their decision making. Some of them are: 1.Perception: Human beings perceive the value of a product by its price. A merchant at a tourist spot used to sell some Jewellery to tourists. Some of his products were not selling well. He instructed his employee to change the price to ½x for the weekend while he was going out of town. As he returned, all of that unsold inventory was sold. The fascinating thing, however, is, that the employee had mistakenly changed the price to 2x instead of ½x. The thing that worked for him was the higher price. The tourists that visited his shop perceived higher value with high price and bought it. This is definitely not possible everywhere but it gives a lesson that people perceive…