Business , Inspiration , Startups / February 2, 2017

Title: Rework Author: Jason Fried and David Hansson Jason Fried and David Hansson share their radical approach towards building Business for the modern age with the book ‘ Rework ’. Jason and David worked completely contrasting ways to industry norms while creating Basecamp – a web-based project management tool. They share their Understanding & Thinking as a simple yet fresh approach towards creating something new. Starting: Start as early as possible. Create something tangible and try to sell it. We all have that friend who says he had the idea for eBay and would have been a billionaire only if he acted on it. That’s absolutely false. Everyone has ideas, it’s the implementation of ideas that makes all the difference. So let’s say you’re a filmmaker, just create a short film and share it with the world. Learn along the way rather than just planning to make a movie once you have the money. Product: When you start, you don’t necessarily need a perfect something. In fact, minimising things can make them simpler and more appealing to a lot of people as well. Just create something people would use. Once you have a drug that people are addicted to, you…

Jeff Bezos and the age of Amazon
Business , Entrepreneur , Inspiration , Startups / January 31, 2017

Title: the everything store : jeff bezos and the age of amazon Author: Brad Stone What went behind the making of Amazon? How did a Startup selling Books become a $100Billion giant? Jeff Bezos was working in Wall street at a hedge fund co. called D.E.Shaw in the early 1990s. He was working on building a network international trade and started looking at internet enabled business opportunities. During the early 1990s Internet usage grew multifold very quickly and that’s when Jeff envisioned a store to conduct commerce using the Internet. Jeff selected Books category as there are millions of Books giving a large no of Products to start with. Jeff also has an individual liking towards Books, in a way Steve Job’s loved music and led to the creation of iPods. Amazon was soon shipping hundreds to thousands of books every day and conducting commerce through the Internet. After a successful stint with Books, Amazon launched categories of Music & DVDs. Around that time, a new company was gaining a reputation as search engines and Jeff personally invested $250,000 after meeting its founders. The company, of course, is Google co-incidentally an Amazon rival decades later.   Amazon has been largely…

The hard thing about hard things
Business , Entrepreneur , Inspiration , Startups / December 29, 2016

Title: The hard thing about hard things Author: Ben Horowitz The Hard thing about Hard Things by Ben Horowitz Ben Horowitz tells us about his experiences as a CEO during running Opsware (previously known as Loudcloud) , which was later acquired by HP for $1.6B in 2007. He talks straight about the difficulties/ challenges a CEO has to face while running a company. Majority of the management books talk about setting up of great business practices, culture and good things, however very few talk about what to do when that doesn’t happen. So Ben decided to share about various tough decisions that he had to make as a CEO to show the brutal side of businesses in his book ‘ The Hard thing about Hard Things ’. Firstly, he clearly states that there aren’t any recipes for succeeding in business and doesn’t try to hand over 5-10 practices or things to do. Instead, he talks about his experiences at being an Entrepreneur, a CEO & finds those learnings still very applicable while working as a VC. Some of the lessons he shares in the book are: As a college student, he played Football & was part of higher academic groups….

Blue Ocean Strategy
Business , Entrepreneur , Startups / December 5, 2016

Title: Blue Ocean Strategy Author: W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne Book Review of Blue Ocean Strategy by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne How does one create a Profitable company? In the recent times, everyone is starting new businesses & companies. Also, the traditionally most crucial factor of Profitability seems to have lost its weightage. More and more technology startups are being funded and create a hype without proper fundamentals & this is eventually leading to bubble burst. They casually burn money in the name of Customer acquisition, proprietary technology and so on. This lack of profit doesn’t allow long term sustainability and also stops them from incurring expenditure on research, eventually fading out and turning obsolete. So how do companies and even non-commercial organizations keep themselves relevant & create long term impact??? Blue Ocean Strategy tackles this by decoding reasons of successful & proven companies that lasted over decades & revolutionized their industries forever. What is the Blue Ocean Strategy? The authors refer Blue Oceans as companies creating new market opportunities with profit potential. Whereas the ones that are constantly fighting competition, having little to no margin and running “me too” businesses are called as Red Oceans. So…

Zero to One
Business , Entrepreneur , Startups / October 22, 2016

Title: Zero to One Author: Peter Thiel Book Review of Zero to One by Peter Thiel How does one create great breakthrough companies? the once in a generation kind. What is it that made the Microsoft and the Apple’s of the World? How did Google and Facebook become more valuable in a decade than majority of biggest companies running since century combined? What is it that leads to creation of such huge progress for some companies in short span of time? Zero to One is about creating such companies that create new things on a massive scale! Humans don’t create radically new things based on existing choices, but invent by creating new Technologies. The progress that we make are generally categorized as : A. Horizontal progress – taking existing products to new places i.e. wider Markets. B. Vertical Progress – Technological Improvements – creating new & better ways of doing things. Lot of this Vertical progress comes from Startups generally as old companies don’t move fast for new ways & technology and Individuals don’t create new Industry, all by themself. Asking an important question “What valuable product/ service is nobody building?” – if the startups are able to create &…

The Lean Startup
Business , Entrepreneur , Startups / October 13, 2016

Title: The Lean Startup Author: Eric Ries ‘The Lean Startup by Eric Ries’ Book Review How do Startups become Successful? What do the successful Startups do differently that make them successful? In today’s fast paced world, Young Brilliant college students are inventing the future by creating new products, working with their friends and taking on the World. However, more often than not – they are failing. In spite of creating Amazing Products and having Rock star team entering the market, they are not able to create Successful companies. So how come, even with having all the correct Ingredients- Determination & Brilliance + Great Timing + Great Product & Team, they are not having the fame & fortune like the stories in the Magazines & Movies? There’s a difference in the Reality. The Boring stuff like Management & Accounting really matter a lot, which is quietly ignored in the Movies as it doesn’t make for great movie time. What is the Lean Startup methodology? Instead of creating great & perfect products, create extremely basic versions of them (lets call them Minimum Viable Product) Selling these products to early adopters and measuring the response – getting feedback, listening to their complaints, trying…

How to be a Millionaire
Business , Entrepreneur , Finance , Startups / October 10, 2016

Title: The Millionaire Fastlane Author: M J Demarco Book Summary and Review of “The Millionaire Fastlane” -by M J Demarco. If you are among the kind of person who wants to Live Life fully and beyond normal/ average – you have big dreams, want to own a huge House, fast cars or simply want to live Rich – yet you know, the current path is not going to take you there and wonder ‘There’s got to be more to Life’, its highly recommended for you to understand “The Millionaire Fastlane”. Basically, there are 3 kinds of different Financial Roadmaps for People: Sidewalk: They have No Financial Plan and live Paycheck to paycheck E.g. Spend whatever money you earn on the Latest Gadget, Drinking, Parties! Poor Money Management – Even if they earn enough they will end up spending everything, that’s how Celebrities, Sportsperson earning Millions one time go flat broke with 1-2 bad seasons. This is the Worst financial mistake as you can always go down as the Source of Income goes. Slowlane: These are typical Go to School- Get a Degree- Get a Good Paying Job – Save Money Mentality. Basically, you keep on working till 60, 70 years…