Why Emotional Intelligence can matter more than I.Q.

January 23, 2017
Emotional Intelligence
Daniel Goleman

What exactly is Emotional Intelligence? What are the things that compose of Emotional Intelligence?
Emotional Intelligence is all about how we manage ourselves and relationships with others. 5 primary components of Emotional Intelligence are:

  1. Self-awareness: how clearly do you know yourself.
  2. Managing Emotions: Do you control your Emotions? Or your Emotions control you?
  3. Motivation: keep on going, in spite of challenges.
  4. Empathy: understand how others feel without being told.
  5. Social Skills: how to deal with others.

Does Emotional Intelligence matter? If yes, how much?

  1. Everyone understands firing an Employee is a sensitive thing and it affects the morale of existing Employees. However, very few companies deal smartly with it. When a company clearly communicated about the reasons for letting employees go, helped them in finding other job and dealt with Empathy in the process, it showed up to 90% positive ratings against the standard 5-10% from leaving employees.
  1. In a restaurant, one of the crucial factors for customers in deciding whether they would return or not is the treatment of waiters. When the waiters were friendly, the customers not only tipped more but were also 75% more likely to return again.
  1. Children having fewer friends and lonely were 80% more likely to drop out of Schools/ colleges and find less success. In comparison, kids that weren’t very bright academically but socially smart usually did better by learning from friends and studying them.Emotional Intelligence develops vast range of skills and defines the quality of our Life. It has the huge impact on our well-being and yet is neglected or undervalued by most of the people.
    It’s as important, if not more, as IQ in deciding success/ failure of a person. You can check out the book by clicking here.

Wrap Up

Emotional Intelligence



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