How to Win Friends and Influence People

November 11, 2016
How to Win Friends and Influence People
Dale Carnegie

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie Book Review

Do you face difficulties in managing Relationship – Professional as well as personal?

Lack or are unable to influence people? Or even simply wish to be a better conversationalist & Speaker? Dale Carnegie has listed out simple principles that can be immediately practiced by anyone wanting to improve their abilities to Influence people in his book ‘ How to Win Friends and Influence People ’

Some Fundamental techniques in handling people:

  1. Don’t criticise, condemn or complaint.

Criticism is futile, because it puts a person on defensive & makes him strive to justify. Instead of criticism, one should try to understand why people do what they do and handle in more tactful and sympathetic way, as people are much more receptive in that manner.

  1. Give Honest & Sincere Appreciation.

The desire to feel important is amongst the deepest human urges. Honest appreciation gets results where criticism & ridicule fails.

  1. Arouse in other person an eager want.

The only way to influence other people is to talk about what they want & show them how to get it. Eg. If a mother wants their children to eat green veggies, saying that it has calcium & proteins is less likely to work. However, if the child loves playing football and saying that these green veggies would help him in playing better, it would make the child love the veggies.

  1. Be Genuinely Interested in other People

You can make more friends in 2 months by becoming interested in other people than in 2 years by trying to make other people interested in you.

  1. Smile – more often. People like to work with friendly people.
  2. Remember – “A person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.”
    In fact, an average person is more interested in his name than all other names combined.
  3. Talk in terms of other person’s interest

While feeding a dog, we play with Bones or take him out for a walk because that’s what dog’s like. However, while interacting with humans, we completely ignore this principle & talk to others as we like rather than bother about other person.
Let’s say you love sports, however your neighbour is an artist and doesn’t bother about it. You still keep on talking about last night’s match, he’s probably just waiting for you to finish talking. However, if you show any genuine interest in an Art’s exhibition or what inspires him to do the kind of work he does, what is the possibility that he will be interested in talking to you now? He would love talking to you & soon be very friendly and happily oblige with a favour when you ask next time.

  1. Dramatise your ideas

People are rarely interested in too much facts and figures while buying consumer products. They rather want to buy things that can make them happy or serve their purpose such as showing their prestige. That’s how Steve Jobs presented Apple products like ipod, iphone, ipads as the most innovative products ever and generating excitement amongst customers. Today most of Apple users are loyal brand followers and still prefer buying from Apple.

These are just some of the ideas mentioned in the book ‘ How to Win Friends and Influence People ‘. If you would like to buy this book, click here.

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How to Win Friends and Influence People



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