Social Media Marketing

October 11, 2016
Social Media Marketing
Gary Vaynerchuk

How to do Social Media Marketing?
Gary Vaynerchuk’s Jab, jab, Jab Right Hook Book Review.

Give, Give, Give and then Ask.
That’s the principle for Life, Business or Social Media.
Keep on continuously providing value to your Audience & then ask them to buy your product, service or whatever you want.

Gary takes Business analogy to Boxing. Just like Boxing, in Business too the last action like the last punch in Boxing gets all the credit, be it a Sale or or a Business Deal.
However, it takes a series of steps that have to be executed before making the final move to accomplish things.

Now coming to Social Media Marketing.
With the attention of individuals turning more and more away from traditional media such as Print, Television, Radio etc to Social Media, it has become a crucial place for Brands and companies to be present there.  And Interact with their audience on a real time basis as Social media is a 2way communication.

So how to work with Social Media?

Having the right Content – saying the right things and more importantly, in the right Context i.e. saying at the Right time, place and conditions.

A few Characteristics/ pointers:

  1. Being Native to the platform. Eg. Using Hashtags on Twitter & Instagram or an Animated GIFs on Tumblr.
  2. The Content also shouldn’t Interrupt a user on Social media, rather mold seamlessly with the Content the Target Audience is consuming like Entertainment & News.
  3. Giving Value in different kinds – Information, Humor, Inspiration.

All of it should lead to a person feel interested in seeing more and even sharing like its their own Content.

Different platforms operate differently, so plans should be made according to their nature.

A few questions relative to their platforms:

  1. Facebook:
    A. Is the content provocative, Entertaining or Surprising?
    B. Is the Photo striking & Logo visible?
    C. Whether relevant T.G. has been identified? and Money being spent wisely?
  1. Twitter:
    A. Is the news being shared in a Fun manner? And is it trend based
    B. Is the Brand making a statement?
  1. Instagram

    A. Are the Pictures explore worthy – Artistic enough & appealing to Young Generation?
    B. Are hashtags descriptive enough?

Overall, the shorter the Story telling, the better it is. However, there are No Rules for Social Media.
So as long as the Content is giving value, it can be tried and experimented.

In short and simple, Gary’s saying – Give, give and give some more, and then ask for something and this same principle could be applied in various aspects of Life. We would recommend Jab, Jab, Jab Right Hook for all Marketeers to get better understanding of Social Media Marketing.

Check out the Book here

You can also read the book Contagious – Why things catch on to read about Viral Marketing


Wrap Up

Jab Jab Jab Right Hook


  • The book explains about various Social Media Marketing at a very basic as well as at detailed level, it's filled with examples of Great use of Social Media as well as serious mistakes that should be avoided at all costs


  • It implies a lot of work for marketeers, so someone looking for a quick fix is likely to be disappointed

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