November 11, 2016
Robert Greene

Mastery by Robert Greene Book Review

What is it that separates Legendary people like Mozart, Leonardo Da Vinci, Einstein from ordinary human beings?
How are some Artists, Trainers, Professionals so good their work is recognised throughout Industry, long after they are gone!

Have these extra ordinary individuals reached the highest level in their chosen fields just because they were born with Talents?
Or are these skills acquired by practice in their quest to achieve Mastery?
Robert Greene lists out 6 definite steps that are followed in every individual’s transformation to achieve Mastery in their chosen fields. It’s by rigorous practice and hard work more so, than any Luck or Inborn Talents.

  1. Discover your Calling:

Everyone possess an Inner force that seeks to accomplish their Life’s task. The 1st step towards Mastery is knowing that with clarity & choosing your Vocation i.e. your inner voice that calls to your authentic self.

  1. Apprenticeship:

This is the time to Learn the necessary Skills, Discipline the mind & transform into an Independent thinker. While beginning the process of acquiring a skill, we have an outside view and unclear picture. This is the time to learn basics and expand knowledge through practice.

  1. Absorbing from Mentor:

Life is short & there is limited time for Learning. One must find a Master in their chosen field who would train them & gain the Master’s Knowledge and Experience. The goal all along is to find independence having adopted & internalised their Wisdom.

  1. Social Intelligence:

It is the ability to see people in most realistic way possible. It is extremely critical to learn to read people and deal with them smoothly so we can focus our time & energy on Skills development. By being as possible, one gains a much better ability to understand people & influence their behaviour as required.

  1. Awaken the Dimensional Mind:

Our mind becomes highly active and seeks to use this Knowledge, as our thinking ability grows and we acquire high level of Skills. One must be Bold, willing to experiment & look at problems from all possible angles. This will allow for ground breaking Realities & reform existing norms to bring Innovations, opening up unlimited possibilities.

  1. Intuition + Rationality:

All of us have Intuitive powers that we freely applied as children and tried out things by our Gut feeling. Children however, don’t have 1000’s of hours of practice to be a Master. Once one has internalised and gained intuitive feel over the years through intense immersion over the years, they are able to expand the Mind to outer limits of Potential and see the secret of Life itself. We can get this by following our inclinations to the ultimate end and achieve Mastery.

Mastery is not a question of Genetics/ Luck but following our natural inclinations & desire that stirs from within.

It is highly recommended to read the book.
Click here for the Paperback edition or Kindle edition

Also, another highly recommended book by Robert Greene is 48 Laws of Power.

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