February 2, 2017
Jason Fried and David Hansson

Jason Fried and David Hansson share their radical approach towards building Business for the modern age with the book ‘ Rework ’. Jason and David worked completely contrasting ways to industry norms while creating Basecamp – a web-based project management tool. They share their Understanding & Thinking as a simple yet fresh approach towards creating something new.

  1. Starting:

Start as early as possible. Create something tangible and try to sell it. We all have that friend who says he had the idea for eBay and would have been a billionaire only if he acted on it. That’s absolutely false. Everyone has ideas, it’s the implementation of ideas that makes all the difference.
So let’s say you’re a filmmaker, just create a short film and share it with the world. Learn along the way rather than just planning to make a movie once you have the money.

  1. Product:

When you start, you don’t necessarily need a perfect something. In fact, minimising things can make them simpler and more appealing to a lot of people as well. Just create something people would use. Once you have a drug that people are addicted to, you can charge as they are going to come back again. However, don’t actually sell Drugs !!

  1. Challenging the norms:

People said you can’t share your trade secrets, win against the big boys or get published without a PR firm. This thinking is based on conventions and limiting beliefs. It’s by challenging the status quo that great big companies have been made themselves – be it Apple or Microsoft in personal computers, Google in search or Amazon as an online retailer. Thus, defy such thinking and create your own rules to be successful and make it.

Rework has many such unconventional ideas and different approaches which business can apply. It’s an inspiring short read for a person looking to create something new or change the way they do things.


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