The 48 Laws of Power

November 29, 2016
The 48 Laws of Power
Robert Greene

Book Review of ‘ The 48 Laws of Power ’ by Robert Greene’.

In modern society, the word power tends to have a stigma attached to it. Like one should not try to attain power, as it would corrupt them or make them cunning towards other human beings. And yet we need power not only to get things done, we need power to save ourselves from bad things.

The feeling of having no control over people and events makes us miserable. So, how does one attain it or become powerful to achieve their Goals and lead a life more fulfilling and happy life. ‘ The 48 Laws of Power ’ gives an insight into how one should use power to increase their Influence and Worth.

Law no. 9: Win through your Actions, never through Arguments

Instead of trying to convince people by arguing, its much better to demonstrate by taking up Actions. Eg. Instead of arguing with your Boss to let you work from home, call a sick day once and show higher output & productivity by working from home. After that, clearly depict results, citing less commute time or more focus as reasons and try to see if the superior is okay with working remotely. He would at least consider it as a possibility instead of dismissing your argument.

Law no. 13: When asking for help, appeal to people’s self interest, never to their mercy

Majority of people are more interested in how things are of use to them, then bother about others. Let’s say you are organizing a charity for orphans, don’t keep saying on and on how the children need money. Instead talk to others the immense satisfaction and Goodwill/ Fame they would get by doing such a noble deed.

Law no. 16: Use Absence to increase Respect & Honor

People value things that are not available very easily.
eg If an Actor has movies too frequently, people will get used to him too soon and might get bored. However, by limiting the availability to say 1-2 movies a year, he/ she may actually increase the value as people are eager to see them and might happily pay a premium.

Law no. 28: Enter Action with Boldness

Doing things fearfully or by half-heartedness would affect them as the lack of confidence is visible and contagious. Its better to not enter if one is not ready for it.

Law no. 34: Act like a King, to be treated like one

If you expect to respected, have self-respect. No one will value your time, if you don’t value your own time & watch TV all day. So always carry yourself in a way you would like to be treated.

Law no. 46: Never appear too Perfect

Everyone that loves you would want good things for you. However, most people don’t want you to be better than them. So when you appear too perfect, they start feeling jealous or resent your success. So even when things are going great, don’t depict your life as too perfect or it can start creating conflicts.

These are just some of the laws in ‘ The 48 Laws of Power ’. It is a recommended book for people interested in understanding how power dynamic work. Check out here 

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The 48 Laws of Power



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