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October 8, 2016

What is the Reason behind starting the Winning Habits?

Hello everyone,
We believe Reading Books opens Mind upto endless possibilities. The right Books have so much Knowledge it can broaden our Vision and lead us to overall higher & much better Quality of Life.

It is with this purpose that we try and share the Knowledge and Understanding obtained from these extremely Informative and Resourceful Books to give Value and encourage people to inculcate the habit of Reading Books.

All the stories of Hard work, Perseverance and little bit of Luck leading to Success are great, but they don’t seem complete. In today’s modern world with ever improving Technology and constant Innovation, these factors alone don’t necessarily lead to great Success. That’s why its Greatly advisable to keep on Learning and Improving knowledge, especially from those who have experienced Failures & Success. Learning from the failures of others gives Experience. And understanding about the reasons that gave tremendous Success can give us Great exposure.
That’s why we emphasise on Reading, so when we go out to chase our Dreams, we have more Experience & Exposure.
Hope you guys Like it!

About the Writer: 

I am not the typical geek who used to read lots of Books ever since School. I stumbled across Business Books and Self-help Books during a time when there were very few positive things in Life. These Books didn’t just give Hope or Motivation, they have share Knowledge and deep true stories of people around the Globe.

These Books have developed Thinking abilities far beyond anything learned during Schooling and Formal Education.
And I hope to share the same with anyone wanting to Learn.


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